Actress Zareen Khan‘s latest fashion outing in Delhi was at the recently-concluded DT PCJ India Showcase Week 2017, where she was seen walking the ramp for Karishma Deepa Sondhi in lehenga-choli. “I have mostly walked the ramp in lehenga-cholis and I think it is because of my first movie ‘Veer’, where I was seen in all these traditional outfits. But otherwise, too, I love dressing up in traditional clothes. I believe that Indians look good in traditional dresses,” she said.  The actress added that she has always enjoyed ramp walks in the city. She said, “No wonder Delhi is known for its fashion, everyone is so stylish here! Delhiites love dressing up and may be that is why maximum number of fashion shows are organised in the capital. I’ve enjoyed each time I’ve walked the ramp in the city.”   Zareen also spoke about her wardrobe essentials, and said, “There has to be a well-fitted pair of denims, a little black dress which is your go-to dress at the time of crisis and a well-fitted T-shirt and of course, good lingerie.”  The Times of  India : 9th. Apr,17


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