Calling for more concentrated efforts against security threats, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Monday said Dhaka has comprehensively addressed New Delhi’s security concerns, which has been a factor in trust building.  “We have put in place a multi-layered and effective bilateral security architecture with many dedicated joint institutional mechanisms for targeted and coordinated actions,” said Hasina at India Foundation Awareness Programme in New Delhi.   She said that security threats from state and non-state actors tend to undermine the efforts to integrate our economies and societies and that there should be more concentrated efforts to strengthen protection for our societies.
“We have amicably settled Land Boundary and Maritime Boundary,” she added while reiterating her appreciation for leaders of all political parties and members of the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha of India for their unanimous support for the Land Boundary Agreement.  She noted that the Bangladesh Parliament recently adopted a unanimous resolution declaring March 25 as ‘Genocide Day’ in remembrance of the Pakistani atrocities during the Liberation War in 1971 and called on the international community to recognise the sameHasina added that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made a commitment to remain with this effort of Dhaka.   The Rediff.com : 10th. Apr,17


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