The trailer of an upcoming movie title ‘Hindi Medium’ got viral in no time. Internet was all in praise about the concept and the cast of the movie. But, soon a controversy surrounded the movie that accused director Saket Chaudhary with plagiarism.  The Bengali film industry which is led by Nandita Roy and Shiboprosad Mukherjee argued about the release of ‘Hindi Medium’ due to its similarities with a Bengali film ‘Ramdhanu’, that released in the year 2014.  Reports also stated that the producer of ‘Ramdhanu’ is planning on dragging the makers of ‘Hindi Medium’ and filing a case against them of copyright infringement.  Director Saket Chaudhary was not available for any comments on the issue, but has now finally broken his silence. He appealed to the fans and asked them not to draw out any conclusions before watching the film. In fact, he said that the concept was conceived long back and the movie’s script was ready even before ‘Ramdhanu’.  He further added, ” We have researched our script over a year and it is based on original material. I would request everyone involved to not rush to a judgement without ascertaining the facts. And the facts can easily be confirmed by watchingHindi Medium on 12th May “.  The Times of  India : 9th. Apr,17



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