In view of overwhelming success in the recently held panchayat polls in Odisha, BJP’s national leaderships hope to sweep the 2019 polls in the State.  “Lotus will bloom at feet of Lord Jagannath in 2019 elections and BJP will come to power in Odisha”, said BJP’s national spokesperson Dr Sambit Patra at Bhubaneswar on 9th. April.  Addressing a press conference at party’s state headquarters, Dr Patra said, “We need to walk step by step following Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The lotus will bloom in 2019”.  He said that there will be Nabakalebara in Odisha and developmental programmes will be executed under leadership of PM Narendra Modi.  “The lotus will bloom at the feet of Lord Jagannath and there will be Nabakalebara in Odisha. It will definitely happen because the people of Odisha have also realised that no development has taken place in the past 17 years. They want the developmental programmes to be executed under leadership of PM Narendra Modi and through the strategy by Amit Shah”, he said.  Reacting to Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik’s statement, Dr Patra said, “The upcoming meeting is already having its impact on the people”.  “Had that not been the case, Patnaik would not have reacted,” he said.  Reacting to the allegations that the BJP is engineering a split in the BJD, Patra said his party believed in building and not breaking. “We believe in ‘Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas’,” he said.  BJP national media in-charge Anil Baluni said there is a positive vibration in the country in favour of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the massive mandate in Uttar Pradesh has proved that.  “In Odisha also, people want BJP and Modi,” he said.  The Odisha Sun Times Bureau : 9th. Apr,17


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