It appears that United States President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka had a hand in the decision to authorise a missile strike on a Syrian airbase.
Trump had asserted that the horrific images from a chemical weapons attack in Idlib forced him to order the strike.According to an interview with The Daily Telegraph, Eric Trump said he is ‘sure’ that his sister, and newly appointed West Wing adviser Ivanka, encouraged their father to carry out a the strike against the Syrian president, reports CNN.  After more than 80 people were killed, including children, in a chemical weapons attack in Idlib province, the US fired missiles at the Syrian airbase  “Ivanka is a mother of three kids and she has influence. Im sure she said: ‘Listen, this is horrible stuff’,” Eric said in the interview.  “I stay out of politics and I stay out of the administration, but you can tell he was deeply affected by those images of the children,” he added.  A day before the strikes, Ivanka tweeted: ‘Heartbroken and outraged by the images coming out of Syria following the atrocious chemical attack yesterday.’  And the day after the strike, she tweeted saying, ‘The times we are living in call for difficult decisions — Proud of my father for refusing to accept these horrendous crimes against humanity.’  The Rediff.com : 12th. Apr,17


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