Last week, one of India’s finest veteran actresses, Kamini Kaushal turned 90. But the lady isn’t thinking of hanging her boots yet. Over the last few years, the yesteryear star has become busy with ad films and supporting roles in films. For instance, she played Shah Rukh Khan‘s grandmother in ‘Chennai Express’.  Bring up her never-say-die-attitude, and Kamini laughs, “I have never asked anyone for work, not even when I was a young lady. All these youngsters probably feel that I can do justice to the roles they’ve written. So, they cast me and I am happy to be at work. In a way, I don’t even feel I am at work because it’s so technical and fast. The actors are pretty friendly. I’m not treated like an aged aunty. They treat me like I am one among them which is what even I prefer.”   The 90-year-old had a discreet birthday celebration over the weekend with her family and friends in tow. Kamini’s grandchildren, sons and daughters put together a do for her at a SoBo gymkhana.  After the party, the senior actress said, life goes on as usual. For instance, when her gardener doesn’t turn up, she cleans the terrace garden on her own. Some of the plants in her garden were saplings when her mother brought them as a memoir of their home in Lahore after Partition. “I visited our house four times after Partition. It has now made way for a mall,” she sighs.  You wonder what draws her back to the studios even at 90. With an endearing smile, she says, “Like other people my age, I enjoy the sunshine at home, but I enjoy it at work, too. For 15 years, I indulged myself in puppetry, something I have loved since I was 12. I put my first show together at 13. And now, as and when I have offers, I’m at studios, too.”  The Times of India : 11th. Apr,17


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