Alia Bhatt will soon be a subject of envy. Over the next few months, the actress will start shooting ‘Gully Boy’ with Ranveer Singh and ‘Dragon’ with Ranbir Kapoor. While she has shot ad films with Ranveer, she knows Ranbir socially.  When asked who she thinks is the better actor and who she makes a better pair with, Alia says, “I haven’t worked enough with either of them to gauge that. I’ve done half an ad with Ranbir, which doesn’t count. Ranveer is great energy to have on sets. So, after our ads, I’m really looking forward to our film together.”  ‘Dragon’ will roll by the end of the year, while ‘Gully Boy’ is expected to go on floors in a few months. When asked about her prep for the former, Alia says, “I am working with my best friend, Ayan (Mukerji, director). Ranbir is a friend too. I am curious to see how he performs so well on screen. As for prep, I don’t overthink the process. I’ll go by whatever Ayan tells me to do.”  About her film with Ranveer, she says, “It’s an endearing story. It’s rough, but it has some beautiful moments. Also, I’m dying to work with Zoya Akhtar (director). I’ve had that feeling since the time I saw ‘Luck By Chance’.”  The Times of  India : 15th. Apr,17


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