Not many know that ‘Pink’ actress Kirti Kulhari is married to actor Saahil Sehgal, and that the couple is spiritually inclined. The husband-wife jodi, along with Saahil’s parents are expected to visit Osho Ashram in Pune over the next few days. Kirti elaborates, “Saahil and I got married in June last year in Bhutan, before the release of Pink. My mother-in-law, my husband and I are Reiki experts. Saahil and his mother believe in Rajneesh‘s philosophies and this will be my first visit to the ashram.” The actress reveals that she turned to spirituality in 2009. She says, “I’m not going to the ashram to achieve anything. I just want to be. I’m looking forward to exploring the meditation techniques there as well as the food!”  Speaking of Rajneesh and his ashram’s controversial perception, she says, “I have been reading his teachings. Rajneesh believed in the luxuries of life. So why not? As far as sex or other desires are concerned, he believed that you have to go through it to go beyond it. If someone tells you not to do something, you will be tempted to do it even more. He taught that you must do something till you don’t want to do it anymore.”  The Times of  India : 15th. Apr,17


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