Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath  referred to an episode of the epic Mahabharata to condemn the silence on the triple talaq practice, reports NDTV.  “There’s a new debate in the country. You must have seen. Different theories are being propagated. Some are silent on the issue,” Yogi Adityanath said. “When I see people silent on the raging issue, the episode from Mahabharata comes to my mind. Draupadi asked the palace – who is responsible for this situation? Who’s responsible for this crime? Vidura said those responsible are criminals, those who supported this incident are culprits, those who are silent are responsible,” he added.  The CM was referring to Draupadi’s disrobing in the Mahabharata in which the silence of the court elders is judged in the same measure as those who committed the crime. He compared the silence on Draupaid’s humiliation with triple talaq.   “The system makes them stand in court with those guilty, the supporters and with those who are silent,” he said.   The Supreme Court is hearing petitions challenging the practice of instant divorce by uttering “talaq” thrice and debating whether the court has the right to step in.  Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also spoken against triple talaq.  Earlier this month, the Centre told the Supreme Court that ‘triple talaq’ was among customs that impact the social status and dignity of Muslim women and deny them fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution.   The Rediff.com : 17th. Apr,17


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