Hard-hitting movies always face a tough time surpassing the big CBFC test. ‘Maatr’ is one such film which talks about a serious issue on sexual violence and women position in the society. While movies like ‘Pink’ catered to the audience belonging to the Tier 1 strata of the society, ‘Maatr’ is for the Tier 2 and Tier 4 cities who have lesser knowledge about the increase in sexual cruelty.   A source close to the development added, ” Rape sequences are always tricky. We never know when they stop becoming shocking and get into the voyeuristic/titillating zone. In ‘Maatr’, the women’s violation is subject to allegations of excessive elaboration. Though the film is well-intended and hard-hitting, we cannot take the risk of incurring the wrath of organisations devoted to prevention of violation against women .”   While the makers have approached the board today for a certificate, Raveena Tandon slammed the board, saying, ” The Censor Board is bound by archaic laws which need to change according to the current times. ‘Maatr’ is a story that needs to be told. [We’ve had] enough of sugarcoating [of] harsh realities. [If this continues] we will remain indifferent to brutality, and rape will remain a taboo .”   ‘Maatr’ Producer Anjum Rizvi who has now approached the Revising Committee said that the approval for the release was likely to come through this week. He said, ” I’m concerned, but hopeful that the Revising Committee will clear the film. This subject needs to be addressed through cinema. The Board will understand it “.   The Times of India : 18th. Apr,17


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