Architect of the BJP-PDP alliance government in Jammu and Kashmir, Ram Madhav speaks to CNN-News18’s Shreya Dhoundial about the situation in the Valley. The BJP general secretary talks about the violence during the by-poll in Srinagar constituency, and justifies the controversial video in which armed forces are seen using a Kashmiri man as shield in front of their jeep. Ram Madhav said, “First of all, one has to understand the kind of situations our security forces face in the valley. In this particular case, the young major was left with two options. One was to allow the mob to lynch 50 civilians and closely equal number of security personnel there… allow the people to overpower them and do whatever they wanted. The other option was to indulge in indiscriminate firing because he had 10 personnel with him. He could have used them to indiscriminately shoot people and kill them.  I compliment the major for not allowing both these things to happen. In either scenario, there would have been huge loss of human life. He tried to avoid that. If I were to blame anybody today for that scenario, it would be those who were responsible for failing to send reinforcements when the situation was critical and it was informed to the seniors. The reinforcements could not reach in time. One can try and take a moral position on what he did was right or wrong. In a war and love, everything is fair.” He also expressed, “Those who talk about human rights, everybody knows what they do all over the world. What America is doing, what Russia is doing… so let them stop giving lectures about human rights. Since you used the phrase all over the world, I said we are not bothered about what world thinks about us today. We are bothered about saving the life of every single person in the Valley. In fact, I would say that this young major has protected the right to life of a large number of people, both who were in the police station, his boys, as well as the youngsters who were misled into indulging into stone pelting and all. He has protected the lives of the people, he has protected the human rights of the people. In the process, yes, he had to take one harsh decision which nobody wants. Who wants such a situation to be allowed to happen? Nobody wants it. But in order to protect the human rights of many more, if one person’s human rights are assumed to be violated or curbed, I think leave that judgment to the major.”  The News 18 : 21st. Apr,17


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