On a hot summer afternoon Sanjay Dutt is back on trial. But this time it’s not for real. He’s on a set resembling a court room, shooting for Omung Kumar’s ‘Bhoomi’. His character’s plea is scoffed at by the public prosecutor who stumbles over a line, and then a word. There are a couple of quick retakes before lunch is announced.   With a sigh of relief co-star Shekhar Suman makes a dash for his air-conditioned vanity van, shuddering as he remembers the days when actors were confined to stuffy make-up rooms and near-stationary fans.The rest of the team heads for the buffet. Only Sanjay chooses to stay back on the studio floor, diligently rehearsing his lines. He has a five-page, high-drama monologue coming up which the director wants to can in one take. The actor is in prep mode, happy to be back in action.”I missed the film industry during my years in jail. Even when I was out, with the case still on, I wasn’t really free. Freedom is something we often take for granted till we lose it,” he philosophies, admitting that now, finally, all the tension is gone and there’s a sense of peace for which he gives credit to wife Maanayata who’s played a very important part in his life in every aspect. “She’s a wife, a friend and a mother, someone who has her head on her shoulders and the right values. After my parents, she’s been my pillar of strength, given me a home and beautiful kids. I’m lucky to be married to her, she is a wonderful wife,” he says, his light brown eyes brimming with emotion. One recalls how years ago, during an interview, Sanjay had cried while talking about his mother Nargis, whom he lost to cancer. He must miss his mother and the special bond they shared? “It’s not just about me and her, every son has a special connect with his mother. Today, when I see Maanayata and Shahraan, who is the apple of her eye, I’m reminded of Nargis and Sanjay,” he smiles mistily, admitting that recently he saw some pictures of Manisha Koirala who is playing Nargis in his biopic, they left him amazed. “She looks so beautiful and since she’s a great performer I know she will excel in her role.”  The Times of  India : 20th. Apr,17


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