Raveena Tandon-starrer Maatr, written by Michael Pellico and directed by Ashtar Sayed, highlights the issue of violence against women, specifically rape.
The actress says, “For a long time now, I have been vocal about how violence against women needs to stop. I have three daughters and I completely support the fact that aggressive steps have to be taken. We need to have stricter, harsher laws that act as deterrents for criminals. Statistics show that crimes against women are on the rise, which indicates that somewhere, the justice system is failing to give out the right kind of punishment. Clearly, there’s no fear of the law.”   In the film, Raveena plays a mother, who takes it upon herself to seek justice for her daughter, who is raped. However, the actress states firmly that the movie does not endorse taking the law into one’s own hands.  ‘Maatr’ also focuses on how rape survivors are shamed instead of being supported. Raveena says, “There are times when some politicians and religious leaders end up shaming the victim rather than taking a supporting stance, which is ridiculous. We have also questioned that regressive mindset in the film.”  The actress is happy that the movie’s trailer has garnered eyeballs on social media platforms. She elaborates, “The reaction to the trailer has started a debate. We are trying to convey a message and the conversation needs to continue. It’s high time people realised the horrors of rape.”  The Times of India : 21st. Apr,17



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