Sunhil Sippy‘s ‘Noor’, which has Sonakshi Sinha playing the title role, is about an ordinary girl who wants to make a difference. A journalist, she is an interesting bundle of contradictions — clumsy yet smart and fun to be with. What makes her extremely relatable is the fact that there’s a Noor in most of us — a dreamer, who is trying to find her own path. Here are five reasons that make the film, produced by Bhushan Kumar and Vikram Malhotra, the story of our lives.  To begin with, Noor is obsessed with her weight. She jumps onto the weighing scale every morning, praying that the extra drink she had the night before has not converted into a few kilos.   Secondly, she has a perennial complaint that will resonate with a lot of us — she believes that her potential is being wasted in her job. Add to that, she’s paid peanuts and her boss doesn’t understand her either.  What’s more, Noor is a romantic, who fears that she might never find her Mr. Right as she always falls for Mr. Wrong. However, an eternal optimist, she’s always on the hunt for true love. That’s not all; like most youngsters today, Noor is impatient and wants to bring a change. She wants to change a lot about her city, its people and their attitude. Last but not the least, her friends are her pillars of support. While they are going through their own journey, they always lift her spirits.  The Times of India : 21st. Apr,17


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