Proving yet again that India’s ‘unity in diversity’ is intact, Muslim women in Varanasi were seen reciting the Hanuman Chalisa ahead of the Supreme Court’s hearing of the batch of pleas filed to end triple talaq.  The women said they are praying to Hanuman ahead of the hearing, so that they get rid of this custom.  One of the Muslim women, Shabana said God and Allah both are same, it is the people on earth who have divided it. “We are praying to Hanuman-ji to get rid of triple talaq, which is a trouble for us. We are praying so that the decision is taken in our favour. Everybody is same. We on earth have divided people. Ishwar, Allah all are same,” she told ANI. Another victim of triple talaq, Nagma while narrating her ordeal said how her husband denied to give any money for her daughter after giving her divorce. “I want my husband to be punished so that other men think twice before doing so,” she said.  One of the priests of the temple here said the victims of triple talaq are praying before Lord Hanuman to end ‘malpractice’ of the custom.  “The victims of triple talaq have faith in Hanuman-ji. They are in a very bad shape. In such a situation, they have prayed before Lord Hanuman that the Supreme Court ends this custom of triple talaq. May Lord Hanuman protect them,” he told ANI.  PM Modi asks Muslim community not to politicise triple talaq issue, urges them to initiate reform. The apex court is set to begin its marathon hearing tomorrow over the batch of pleas by Muslim women condemning the custom. Shayara Banu, the first petitioner to challenge the Muslim personal law sparked the fight amongst Muslim women against instantaneous triple talaq (talaq-e-bidat), polygamy and nikah-halala.  Her rights and of many others remain to be recognized as the apex court prepares for the hearings. : 11th. May,17


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