Celebrities often fall prey to internet bullying and trolls for the smallest of comments or posts. They are the softest of the targets for people who misjudge them for basic honest mistakes. All thanks to their celebrity stature and the power to influence people from their single statements, they are often mistaken to be somebody they are not.  Ileana D’Cruz recently took to Instagram to express her anger and grief over these insensitive posts that target celebrities unabashedly. Ilena captioned the video, “Stop bullying. Stop the hate. If u have nothing nice to say then say nothing. #repost @hotvocals She’s beautiful. Bullying needs to stop.”  The video aimed at individuals who are dissed by people who post ridiculous and highly insensitive comments. From body shaming to calling people ugly, cyber bullying has become an unending and indefinite syndrome which has resulted in low self-esteem and suicides in some cases.  Ileana has highlighted a very important issue that is on the rise and should be considered as one of the major issues that needs immediate attention.  The Times of   India : 10th. May,17


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