Vidya Balan is touted as one of the finest actresses that we have in the Bollywood industry. Even though her last film ‘Begum Jaan’ tanked at the box-office, her performance was appreciated by all.   Now since every second Bollywood celebrity is turning into a writer to pen down their thoughts or life story, Vidya was asked if she would be keen on writing an autobiography about her life and experiences.   Vidya told a leading daily that writing a memoir requires a certain amount of discipline, which she lacks. ” I think it is too early for a memoir from me. I still want to gather many more experiences in life before I get down to that, because it requires a lot of discipline which I don’t think I have. I am only disciplined on the set ,” Vidya said in a statement.   Vidya did back-to-back intense roles, which made her get typecast as a serious actress. But with the way that Vidya is, she has constantly proved her versatility by doing different genres.   Currently, she is doing a movie titled ‘Tumhari Sulu’, which is reportedly a comedy film with slice-of-life. Talking about the film, Vidya said: ” I am doing a film called ‘Tumhari Sulu’ which is a light-hearted film about a housewife who suddenly finds herself doing the job of a late night radio jockey. So that allows for a lot of funny moments. ”   The release of Vidya Balan’s ‘Tumhari Suli’ is scheduled for December 1st.   The Times  of  India : 12th. May,17


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