A man allegedly tried to kill the husband of a woman he used to stalk and when arrested told the police that he was inspired by Shah Rukh Khan’s act in Bollywood movie Darr.  After Vivek Kumar Aggarwal (37) got to know that the police have launched a manhunt for him, he allegedly attempted to commit suicide by consuming sleeping pills and was admitted in a hospital. However, he was arrested on Thursday, the police said.          Vivek had first come into contact with the woman in 2012 (she was then unmarried) when she used to work at a real estate firm in Kirti Nagar. He was working as a real estate agent nearby. He fell in love with her and wanted to marry her, the police said adding that he initially started following her without her knowledge.   He managed to get her number from the firm she worked for and started messaging and calling her. Initially, she didn’t pay heed but once he sent her something suggestive she blocked him, they added. However, he kept pursuing her.    In December, the woman got married and this hurt Vivek, who decided to kill her husband, the police said. Vivek allegedly tried to kill her husband in February by shooting him, but he escaped unhurt. He didn’t file a police complaint then.    On April 20, the accused again attacked the husband near his house in Vijay Vihar, the police said. A case was filed then and a team led by Abhinendra, SHO of Vijay Vihar police station, began probing the case.    During investigations, it emerged that the accused had taken pains each time to ensure that the woman wasn’t injured in any way. The police said he had a “soft corner” for her.    In order to throw the police off-track, Vivek even posted a letter to the woman’s house claiming to be the sister of a woman who had committed suicide after the husband had impregnated her, the police said.    Vivek soon changed his residence and even consumed sleeping pills in an alleged suicide attempt, but the law soon caught up with him. The police managed to zero down on Vivek, who was arrested after being discharged from hospital following his alleged suicide attempt on Thursday.    He told the police that he was a fan of Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan and has seen the film Darr, in which the actor plays a compulsive stalker, several times. The actor’s obsessive lover act was the inspiration for him to hatch a plan to kill the woman’s husband, he said.   The Rediff.com : 13th. May,17


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