The Uttar Pradesh government will take suggestions and change the syllabus to include ‘forgotten personalities’ in history, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Sunday said underlining the need to ‘expose’ those who have distorted history.  He also said that there was a need to decide whether there should be a place for those who ‘relate themselves’ to Mehmood Gaznavi, Allauddin Khilji, Babar and Aurangzeb.  “The name of Maharaja Suheldev and other great personalities were removed from history as per a conspiracy. There is a need to expose those who distorted history. We will carry forward this campaign,” he said.  Adityanath was addressing Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s ‘Hindu Vijayotsav’ programme in Lucknow.  “Maharaj Suheldev, who defeated foreign attacker Sayed Salar Masood Ghazi, was forgotten as per a conspiracy. History was distorted for political purposes to divide society and its not hidden. The day when correct history comes to the fore the people will identify those who have distorted it,” he said.  The Bharatiya Janata Party has been wooing the Pasis and Rajbhars. Suheldev, a warrior king, wielded influence around Bahraich and is revered by both Rajbhars and Pasis.  He said the Narendra Modi government has initiated work to honour those great personalities who contributed to the freedom struggle.  “The state government has already decided not to give holidays on anniversaries of great personalities instead students will be taught about their contributions on that day,” he said.  He announced that his government will take suggestions from persons for all walks of society and ‘change syllabus to include forgotten personalities in history’.  The chief minister advocated a debate on communalism to conclude ‘who is communal and who is nationalist’.  “We have to decide whether there should be a place for those who are relating themselves to Mehmood Gajanavi, Allauddin Khilji, Babar or Aurangzeb,” he added. Rediff.com : 14th. May,17


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