The Bhatts marked Mother’s Day on Sunday by assembling at the youngest family member Alia’s residence which she shares with sister Shaheen for a quiet family dinner.   The filmi family was particularly excited to have Pooja and Rahul Bhatt join in, with Mahesh Bhatt and Soni Razdan, after a long time. The menu for the evening was overlooked by the matriarch. Mahesh told Mirror, “The evening was planned by Alia, she’d wanted us all to catch up since a long time.”   ” When she invited us over on the family Whatsapp group, everyone instantly agreed. Both my girls had a hectic day as Alia had just returned from Dahanu (after releasing a rescued sea turtle back into the ocean) and Pooja was preparing to leave for her farmhouse for a shoot, but they still made it. The party started early, at 8.30pm, as I have dinner at a fixed time, and wrapped up by 10. Sunny (Rahul) is into fitness so the conversation revolved around that. Soni’s TV show went on air on Monday so everyone was excited about that too.”  Despite so many stars under one roof, it was Alia and Shaheen’s cat Edward who stole the show.”Edward kept everyone entertained, even when he retired to his quarters, Pooja kept clicking his pictures.We also clicked a family picture at Pooja’s behest,” Mahesh Bhatt signs off.   The Times of  India : 16th. May,17


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