Actress Lisa Ray is all set for the release of her next horror flick ‘Dobaara: See Your Evil’. The film that also stars Huma Qureshi and Saqib Saleem, will see the Bollywood beauty play a parental figure in this twisted family tale. We sat down for a candid interview with Lisa, where she got chatty about her film, her character and her enjoyable experience on the sets. She said,” Prawaal Raman approached me a few years before we actually did the film. We had been wanting to work together, so ‘Dobara’ was the perfect platform. So technically, I didn’t have to audition for it. I guess that he liked the work he saw in my other films.
I am playing a woman who has given her career and her life in order to raise a family, to be a good wife to her husband (played by Adil), who is an artist and who basically has a loving relationship until she starts noticing that her husband behaves very strangely. I begin to suspect that he is having an affair. Then, I watch him almost descend into a type of mental illness. It is really a woman who is struggling with her family and family problems and all of the anguish that it causes.” The Times  of  India : 17th. May,17


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