Much has been written in the past months about Shraddha Kapoor‘s alleged relationship with Farhan Akhtar post his separation from wife Adhuna Bhabhani. Shraddha, who is currently busy with the promotions of her upcoming film ‘Half Girlfriend’, recently squashed the rumours of a link-up with Farhan and opened up about her current relationship status in an interview with Filmfare.   Nice perception of Shraddha ji who faces the camera in order to show her acting skills for which she is well known and put the show on fire …………..rumours are a part and parcel of life with wh… Read MoreRakesh Takru.  Referring to the link-up rumours, Shraddha said that she ignores them as she can’t control them. Reiterating that they have no truth to them, she however pointed out that such link-up rumours do affect her family. She also added that her only focus is films right now and she is determined to deliver good performances.   While talking about her relationship status, Shraddha said, “I am happy being single and focussing on my work. Agar boyfriend hota toh main distract ho jaati. Right now I don’t feel it’s necessary. Yes, sometimes it’s difficult to give time to a relationship. But I don’t believe it’s impossible. If you want to have a relationship, you will manage to balance it with work. My definition and understanding of love keeps evolving. My current understanding of love is that when it happens you cannot deny it; you can’t help it, no matter what you do. I view love as a necessity. Pyar har insaan ki zindagi me bahut zaroori hai. I was, but I don’t want to be a possessive girlfriend anymore. I want to give space to that person. Allow them to do what they want.”   The Times of  India : 18th. May,17


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