Director Saket Chaudhary‘s ‘Hindi Medium’ holds a mirror up to our society, where the ability to speak English is the yardstick to measure sophistication and elitism.  The slice-of-life comedy, featuring Irrfan and Saba Qamar, is the story of thousands of Indian parents, who aspire to enroll their children in an English medium school. It not only explores the Hindi-versus-English divide, but also conveys the message to eradicate the tendency to pitch one against the other.  A couple of special screenings of the film were held recently, and Saket is pleased with the appreciation that has come his way. The filmmaker told BT, “No one other than Irrfan and Saba could have played Raj and Mita.” Producer Dinesh Vijan was full of praise for his lead actor. He said, “Irrfan is a man of few words, who expresses himself through his performances. He is one of the finest actors our industry has.”  Producer Bhushan Kumar agreed, adding, “We’re overwhelmed with the love our film has received. We are confident that it will connect with every Hindi and English speaking family in India.”  The Times  of  India : 19th. May,17


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