Pooja Batra who lit up the screen with her vivacious smile in the late 90s is all set to star as an investigative police psychologist in the thriller, ‘Mirror Game’ which will hit screens in June this year. One of the other qualities about the actress that comes to fore instantly, is her self-deprecating humour. Ask her if a break from the industry was responsible for it and she is quick to add, “Moving away from the industry, leading a normal life and not living in that entitled bubble has helped me evolve. Had I been here, maybe my career would have gone in a different route. But, I have learnt a lot about life being away from the industry.”   Reminiscing about how she landed her first Hindi film ‘Viraasat’, Batra says, “I was at a party that Farah (Khan, the choreographer) had invited me to. At that party, there was another actor Nagarjuna, I had no clue who he was. Apparently, he liked me and he was shooting for a movie. He asked me if I knew how to dance and I said yes. The song turned out pretty well and Farah showed it to Priyadarshan. I remember Sonali Bendre was also in the running for the role in ‘Viraasat’ and I got selected.”   While the Bollywood debut was appreciated, the actress did have to deal with playing the arm-candy in films which followed subsequently. “I got typecast in candyfloss roles. People couldn’t perceive me as anything else. Looking good can act as an impediment. I reached out to the director of Parched. I wanted to be a part of that film. I also wanted to be a part of a Shyam Benegal film. But they couldn’t see me as a village belle. I am athletic and tall and maybe nobody saw me in a light other than what I was. People need to have the vision and be able to see you in roles which are out of the box”, admits Batra   Shifting focus to relationships, when asked if she has a special someone in her life, Pooja reveals, “I have a boyfriend. But, marriage, I don’t have the guts to do it the second time around. I am not sure. It’s too much of a commitment.”   The Times of  India : 19th. May,17


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