On the occasion of the completion of three years in power by the Narendra Modi-led government today, the BJP is counting its positive points while the Congress is trying to corner the saffron party on its promises made but not delivered.  Hitting out at the Prime Minister, the Congress said that the BJP has spent Rs 2000 crore on the celebrations, adding that these three years of the Modi government can be summed up as ‘Bhashan aur aashwaasan, yeh hai mera shaasan’. “The entire focus of the Modi government is only on its publicity. They do not have any concrete policy for the country. Modi government has not done anything in the last three years. This government has only given attention to the promotion of schemes like Make-in-India, Jandhan and Swachh Bharat Abhiyan,” Congress leader Kamal Nath said.  He added that millions of rupees have been invested in the promotion of these campaigns, adding the present government should highlight how much black money has returned.  “They should tell what the country has got from the demonetization move. In these three years, the conditions of the farmers have deteriorated. Most farmers have committed suicides only during the tenure of Modi government and these farmers have got no benefit from the crop insurance scheme,” he asserted.  Nath further said that the diversionary tactics used by the BJP of diverting the people’s mind is a “Kalakari ki Rajneeti”. “With the largest aspirational society on this planet, the youth of the country are looking for employment. We see employment at a 15 year low. With approximately 550 million youngsters in the country, employment has been the lowest in the past seven years,” he added. He further said that the Prime Minister during his election campaign promised about two crore jobs a year. “What is the outcome? We see that only 1.35 lakh jobs were created in 2015 and by 2028 India needs to create 34.3 crore jobs and that is not to meet the shortfall but we need to create it to be able to have employment,” Nath added.  The : 26th. May,17



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