The much-awaited concert of Justin Bieber which took place a few weeks back in Mumbai turned out to be a huge disappointment for both media and fans. People paid a whopping amount of Rs 75,000, just watch Bieber lip sync his songs on the big stage, which was a complete shocker.  This was a clear sign of how Justin did not respect his audience and could think that he could just get away with such miserable on stage presence. A recent report suggested that not only did he mistreat his fans, but also paid absolutely no respect to the unofficial hostess during his stay in Mumbai.   If sources are to be believed, Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernanadez was the hostess and was maltreated by Bieber. According to a friend of the actress the Bieber experience was a “nightmare” for Jacqueline.  ” She wasn’t allowed to go anywhere near him by his security staff. At first, Jacqueline found this overprotective entourage’s dismissive attitude to be cute and amusing. But then the snub got to her. And she firmly but politely reminded Bratty Bieber’s security that she was to help him around Mumbai and to ensure he gets to the venue of the party that was planned after the concert, ” says the source. It was quite a surprise for everyone when Bieber left India abruptly in the middle of the night without any intimation to any media houses or fans.  After sharing a list of bizarre demands for his India visit, this International pop sensation could actually behave so unprofessionally and mistreat an Indian celebrity?  Well! This would definitely turn some of the ‘Beliebers’ into “Non-Beliebers”.  The Tims  of  India : 27th. May,17



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