Zoya Afroz (Miss India 2013 2nd Runner-Up), who plays Sweetiee in ‘Sweetiee Weds NRI’, will not only display her dancing prowess in the upcoming film with Himansh Kohli, but will also be seen performing trying stunts. In the course of shooting for the film, written by Tariq Mohammad and directed by Hasnain Hyderabadwala with Sharad Patel as the associate producer, the actress was expected to jump off a bridge in a nine-kilo bridal lehenga.  She was naturally taken aback at the proposition, but eventually, took a leap of faith. Given that it was a crucial scene and Zoya was performing the stunt without a dupe, the action director took special care to ensure that she doesn’t get bruised.  “Jumping off the bridge wasn’t easy. I realised I could do it only when I actually did it on the set,” recalls Zoya, adding, “We had taken  necessary measures to avert disasters, but the bridge was really high and I was scared. Thankfully, I wasn’t injured and completed the scene in one take.”  ‘Sweetiee Weds NRI’, produced by Dhaval Patel (Asmiy Entertainment), Cyrus Dastur, Sada Bhuvad and Tariq Mohammad (Grand Motion Pictures), releases on June 2.  The Times  of  India : 28th. May,17



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