Actress Priyanka Chopra said ‘huge stereotypes’ still exist in the west about the Indian film industry and it will take more actors from India in mainstream parts to gradually break such long-held notions. “There are huge stereotypes about India, about Hindi films. There is a lot more awareness now that Hindi movies are such a big industry but the stereotypes still exist,” Priyanka said in an interview.   “Those are stereotypes you have to fight all the time and I guess it will only come with educating people and having them see Indian actors in mainstream parts, (to make them aware) that we can do this. There is no putting us in a box. But it is going to be a struggle. There is so few of us.”   “I think they get an understanding that Hindi films are not just about breaking into random song and dance,” she said. Priyanka, who plays villain Victoria Leeds in ‘Baywatch’, which releases in India this Friday, said diversity in global entertainment is the need of the hour, not just in roles and but also actors.  “I believe that in the business where there is demand, there will always be supply. Even audiences and people who watch and consume entertainment need to be open to seeing all kinds of people in iconic parts and not just a certain kind of actors or people who look a certain way,” she said.   Priyanka said, “she would love to see a woman play James Bond or see an Indian actor in a superhero movie ‘without the tag of being an Indian and just being an actor’. ” “That is when it will become mainstream. And not just (from India) but Indian actors from around the world should be a part of global entertainment because that is what the world looks like. We are one-fifth of the world’s population, there should be more representation.”  On whether a Bond movie could be next on her anvil, she said, “You never know. I am in conversation for a couple of films here and a couple in India. I don’t know if it will be a villain or not but I always look for doing variety in the parts that I choose and I hope that is what I can do.”   Priyanka, who has had a packed schedule with ‘Baywatch’ promotions, is headed to Berlin and London for the film’s premiere. She said she is ‘excited’ about the release of ‘Baywatch’ in India in Hindi and English. “I am very excited about it, people have been a fan of the TV show. I am very excited that we have very few cuts, people will get to enjoy the movie,” she said.  The Times  of  India : 30th. May,17


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