Priyanka Chopra is being trolled relentlessly since pictures of her meeting with PM Narendra Modi in Berlin hit the internet. Reason? She wore a knee-length white dress and sat cross-legged in front of the Prime Minister! The sight of her bare legs seems to have caused more distress to the sanskaari people than that of a man begging for his life moments before being lynched by a mob, thanks to rumours about him being a child abducter. However, Priyanka shut trolls down in style. She posted a picture of herself with her mom, both showing off their legs in short dresses, and captioned it, ‘Legs for days’. Classy? Yeah. Sassy? You bet!   For the trolls though, no amount of clap back seems to have any effect. Take the case of Monali Thakur, who was shamed by a woman for wearing a short dress. The singer shut her down by giving a very detailled description of what her bare legs can achieve with a kick. When Disha Patanifound herself at the receiving end of trolls for her choice of outfit, she made it clear that women were not ready to go by anybody’s idea of an ‘Indian girl’. And singer Abhijeet‘s Twitter account was suspended for a second time after he made derogatory comments about women.  The Times  of  India : 1st. June,17


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