Cancer survivor and actor Manisha Koirala will be seen returning to the big screen with ‘Dear Maya’. Staying true to her penchant for strong roles, the actress will once again be seen in an author-backed role. Directed by Sunaina Bhatnagar who earlier was an assistant director to Imtiaz Ali, ‘Dear Maya’ tells the poignant tale of a lonely woman Maya who has an unexpected brush with love when she starts receiving letters from a suitor she met decades ago. Unaware that that the love letters are actually written by two innocent girls who are trying to bring joy to her otherwise dull life, Maya sets out in search of this mystery man. In an interview, Manisha opened up on the film and more. She said,”  Sunaina is the writer and the creator of the script. I asked her what kind of situation ‘Maya didi’ has gone through in her growing up years that she is so fearful of life and people. Once I get the hang of the psychology of the character, then it becomes easier. Then my next step is – how she would be living, what her clothes would be like, her body language and her facial expressions.   I actually liked the script a lot. The message of the film is that you should never lose hope and that struck a chord with me. In terms of the films I do now, I want to go beyond what I have already done.”  The Times  of  India : 1st. June,7


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