When she started shooting for the film, Sayani Gupta was supposed to play the only narrator in Jagga Jasoos. “But,” she says, “Basu (Anurag Basu the director) doesn’t work in the conventional way. So, much has changed during the making of the film, and I am not even sure how my role has played out finally.”   Playing a 14 year old kid, who is the friend of Ranbir Kapoor‘s character, came easy to her. And when she compares this role with the others she has played till now, she says it felt like a picnic, not because it was easy, but because it was so relaxing. “In Margarita , my character had so many layers. In Jolly LLB 2 , my pregnant lady had to be an earnest effort. Compared to those, Chhanu is a very sweet and I-am-just-a-kid character, that let me take a break from all that bogs us down everyday. It was like a getaway for my soul, because as Chhanu, I could just be this young girl, who still doesn’t have to worry about what’s wrong with the world. I loved jumping into the character.”   About working with Anurag Basu, Sayani relays an experience that breaks all myth about how directors work. “With Basu, there’s no script. It’s literally like legos, that he puts together. So, you have absolutely no idea about the graph of your character. It’s all in his head and he will explain it to you, once you are on the set for a particular scene. It’s so much more immediate and spontaneous. It just added to my 14-year-old experience, because it was like an amusement park ride, where you just go with the flow!”   While the actress has high hopes from this film, she also stresses that nothing like this (it’s a musical with over 30 songs) has ever been attempted in Indian cinema.   The Times  of  India : 3rd. June,17


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