The talented actress Richa Chadha, who has starred in hit films such as ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’ (2012), and ‘Masaan’ (2015), comes from a non-filmy background. Being an outsider, she understands how tough it is for someone with no connections in the industry to make it big. It’s perhaps for that reason that she is reportedly going to act in a film by a debutante director. Interestingly, Richa also wants to produce the said project. Actually, Richa has already started her production house with the Punjabi short film ‘Khoon Aali Chithi’. And now, the actress is keen on finalising a director, who is new and has a fresh take on film making. Richa also wants to focus on digital content, and is looking for a film school student or an aspiring director. In an interview to a daily, she said, “I believe that every individual should get a chance to prove their talent. Everyone can’t have a godfather to launch them. So if we need good quality content, we need to explore and fetch it. Young filmmakers and their vision today is giving a new perspective to cinema. This could go a long way for them and would benefit the film industry as well”  The Times  of  India : 4th. June,17


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