A few months ago we told you that Salman Khan parted ways with his manager Reshma Shetty since he wanted to collaborate with Sohail Khan to start a talent management agency. Now, rumours are rife that Katrina Kaif also might end her 6-7 years long partnership with Reshma, since she is planning to join Salman’s talent management agency.  Mumbai Mirror even quoted a source stating how Katrina has already spoken to Salman and Sohail and that the decision is final. However, the actress strongly denies the reports by calling it ‘baseless’.  Katrina said, ” The reports are absolutely baseless. I have been with Matrix since the inception of the company and very much continue to be so ,” says the actress in her official statement. A spokesperson on behalf of Katrina too further added stating, ” These rumors are untrue and baseless. Katrina Kaif is with Matrix and they continue to be her exclusive agency. ”  Now it is hard to say whether the reports were refuted by the ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ actress because it got leaked or because she is actually not parting ways. Since Katrina has now become a social butterfly, her PR team would definitely require some amazing skills to draw the right kind of attention of the audience.  The Times  of  India : 4th. June,17


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