Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, who started an indefinite fast on Saturday amid raging farmers’ protests in the state, on Sunday said that despite falling asleep “intermittently”, the farmers and their issues were a constant presence through his dreams and thoughts and hence, vowed to solve the pertinent matters.    “I slept intermittently and all the while I kept thinking about what all topics — out of the ones we discussed with the farmers — can be worked upon as soon as possible,” he said, adding, “kisaan khwaabon mein bhi thhe, haqeeqat mein bhi (the farmers and their issues were in my thoughts and dreams).’    “I have always tried doing a lot for farmers, and their problem is ours. They are our own. I also thought upon how to increase the productivity and sustain it,” he added.   Chouhan also mentioned how the families of the deceased farmers met him and asked him to discontinue the fast.   “One thing that made me emotional was the number of our children that we lost in these protests. Their parents came to meet me yesterday and despite such grief befalling upon them, asked me to put an end to the issue,” he said.   Commenting about the amenities provided to him in the tent for the fast, he said, “I was told that this was a five-star tent. They even asked me to put an AC, but I said that wasn’t required. You don’t go on a fast for the farmers by living in AC. We made a meeting room, because I had to meet officials and farmers.” : 11th. June,17


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