At a time when Bollywoodcelebrities are slowly opening up about their personal issues and relationships, actress Kriti Sanon says she is at ease sharing certain aspects about her personal life in public — while keeping some of it private. “There is a part of my life that I share with my fans. I am pretty active on social media… So yes, there are little things which I do share with my fans; but I do believe that there is a part of my life which is private and (which I would) like to keep private. I want that small space for myself and for the people who are really close to me,” Kriti said.   The 26-year-old actress, whose latest release is ‘Raabta’, said she doesn’t find the “need to share everything” with everyone.  “I don’t want the focus to go away from my work. I’d rather want you to talk about my work than what’s happening in my personal life,” she added.  Kriti was in the city to promote ‘Raabta’, which released on Friday. The film also stars Sushant Singh Rajput, with whom the ‘Dilwale’ actress has been linked.  The rumours, however, don’t bother her.  “Three films, one link-up — not a bad thing… It doesn’t bother me. It is completely fine. Gossip is something which sort of interests people more,” she commented, adding that she would prefer if her work sparks more conversations.  “I don’t like that the attention goes away from one’s work, but at the same time it (gossip) is a part and parcel of the industry. It is not something that I can control. So better to ignore it or laugh along with it. As long as my family members or people really close to me know what’s happening in my personal life, I am okay with it,” she added.  Coming with absolutely no Bollywood backing, does Kriti feel she has now “fit in”?  While she has definitely “fitted in” in terms of her work, but she still feels “a little out of place in the filmy parties. I think I am still a very few films old to be knowing a lot of people. I am making friends as I am doing movies… That is how you eventually feel comfortable in the industry”, said Kriti, the daughter of a chartered accountant and an associate professor. She herself holds a BTech in electronics and communication engineering.  The Times  of  India : 10th. June,17


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