The tragic story of Kritika Chaudhary is heartbreaking to another level. A struggling actress who came to Mumbai from Haridwar to make her dream of entering the glam world come true, died tragically a few days ago.   Her decomposed body was found inside her Amboli apartment in Andheri, Mumbai. The police have started investigating her death which was under mysterious circumstances and now the suspicions of a murder have grown intensely. As per recent findings, she has been dead for over three days.   Kritika has appeared in Kangana Ranaut-starrer ‘Rajjo’ and a Balaji television show called ‘Parichay’. The news about her death was learnt only after the neighbours complained of a foul smell from her apartment. The police broke open the door and found her decomposed body, however, since the AC was switched on, her body was found late.  A police official revealed to a leading daily, ” The AC of the room was on so that smell could not come out soon. We believe she was murdered three to four days back, today foul smell started emitting. ”   The police is considering it a suspicious death as the door was locked from outside. The report quotes the officer as saying, ” We are investigating. The door was locked from outside. ” The police have filed an Accidental Death Report and more details in the case are awaited.   The Times of  India : 13th. June,17


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