Raja is a unique festival of Orissa. It is celebrated for 3 days continuously, as Pahiliraja, Raja Sankranti and Bhuin daana. Young girls wear new clothes and put Alaktaka in their feet on the occasion.  Swings (  dolies or dolas )  are put into action for these three days. There are various types of dolies, such as Chakra doli,Baunsa doli,jhula doli,Agi doli etc.   In these three days, the fairer sex are not supposed  to cook at home or cut any thing.The male folks of family do cook, cut vegitables , prepare paan (tambul ) for the ladies .The ladies are supposed to take bath in turmeric water  and wear new dresses every day. Infact, they get involved in merry making and playing cards and pashas in all these three days.In ancient literatures,special Raja songs are available which are chanted by the young girls.    It is believed that Prithivi or the Earth gets Her menstrual cycle in these three days  once in a year and it has to be celebrated by ladies.The Raja Mauja ( Raja festival ) is incomplete without special songs.  The poda-peetha or the baked cake is unique food for these three days which is relished by one and all.   Celebration of raja is one of the oldest tradition of Orissa. Slowly, the  festival is loosing its importance in young minds. We should try to celebrate this festival so that the young generation will learn importance of the occasion.


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