‘Jagga Jasoos’ starring Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif is not just another movie for Ranbir. It is his first-ever production and rumours were rife that the actor is planning to revive the iconic RK Studios which was run by his late grandfather, Raj Kapoor.  But it seems like because of the delayed release of the movie, Ranbir has lost interest in production and filmmaking. Speaking about the same he revealed to a leading daily, ” I have realised it’s not my cup of tea. This (‘Jagga Jasoos’) is my first and last film as a producer. I am happy being an actor. I am lazy and don’t think I am cut out to be a filmmaker. I am glad, though, that I have been credited as producer for ‘Jagga Jasoos’. ”   When asked about the reasons for the delay in the release of his much-awaited musical Bollywood venture, he said, ” None of us knew that the film would take so much time. I think it’s everyone’s mistake and we are all to be blamed for the delay. ”   Since the looks of the movie suggest that it will be loved by all generations, Ranbir Kapoor was asked by the reporters about what kind of an audience does the movie cater to. To this he said, ” When dada (director Anurag Basu) and I got into a discussion almost three years ago, we realised that we don’t have specific films in India for children. So, we wanted to make one that families would enjoy. It’s a visual treat with thrilling elements; it’s a cute father-son story. ”   Since the audience has always loved the camaraderie of Ranbir and Katrina and ‘Jagga Jasoos’ will release after a long delay of three years, Anurag Basu and Ranbir Kapoor had already decided about having a sequel to this musical-spy movie.   ” When we planned Jagga Jasoos, we already thought of making its sequel. In this movie I am searching for my father, and the way this movie is made, I am sure my grandchildren are going to be searching for me in the sequel ,” revealed Ranbir to a leading daily.   The Times  of  India : 14th. June,17


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