Not so long ago, the ‘Dor’ actress Ayesha Takia‘s what looked like a highly botoxed picture became viral on the internet. People started trolling her photo and passed lewd comments alleging that she unnecessarily went under the knife. The actress who maintained silence for quite sometime finally spoke about it.  Speaking to a leading daily, Ayesha said, ” I was in Goa when the morphed picture was shared online. I have a small face but in that picture, it looked long and funny. I passed it off with a laugh. ” Since she is a mother to a three-year-old little munchkin, she barely finds time to go the salon, let alone to a cosmetic surgeon.  ” I’ve never been someone who wanted to look pretty with nothing to say. When people see me face-to-face they know immediately that I’ve not gone under the knife and they are the ones who matter, ” said Ayesha Takia.   She had also revealed earlier saying, ” Online trolling and bullying has reached a new level, I guess. A handful of vicious people and gossip columns have decided to totally morph and distort my pics but the truth will prevail as I’m on social media every day and shooting/out and about. People can see what I really look like and luckily I have amazing followers on Instagram who I interact with daily, so they have not believed these lies and supported me all the way. ”   Ayesha is currently busy with her upcoming single ‘Zindagi Yeh Zindagi’. She has been missing from the Bollywood scenes ever since she got married.   The Times  of  India : 19th. June,17


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