While it can be quite a task even for seasoned actors to master a regional language, Ileana D’Cruz impressed the ‘Mubarakan’ team by dubbing her heavily Punjabi-laced dialogue. What’s more, she completed the work in just a week.   However, it was not an easy task. In a bid to meet deadlines amidst a packed schedule, the actress dubbed for long hours. Lack of fluency in the language added to her woes, with the sessions extending upto 10-11 hours per day. Ileana, a Goan girl, plays a typical Punjabi kudi — fun-loving and outgoing — in the film, which also stars Anil Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor. She says, “Initially, it was difficult to speak in Punjabi. I was apprehensive about dubbing for a film that has Anil Kapoor, who has played Punjabi characters so many times on screen. But I pushed myself and sat with the writer of the film, who made sure that I sounded authentic. I’m glad that I’ve managed to become quite fluent in the language. Mainu punjabi vaddi changi lagdi ye (laughs).”   The Times  of  India : 19th. June,17


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