The Islamic seminary in Deoband should issue fatwas against those who raise Pakistani flags in Kashmir and those localities in the country which are called “mini-Pakistan”, senior RSS functionary Indresh Kumar said  today.  “…we all are Hindustanis and the country where we live is Hindustan. So no locality here can be called Pakistan or mini-Pakistan but there are so many such localities…,” he claimed.  “There are localities where Pakistani flag is flying on the roof of houses..is this according to Islam and are they good Muslims? So why doesn’t Deoband issue fatwas against these people,” Kumar said in New Delhi at an event. He was speaking at the Iftar party organised by RSS’s Muslim wing Muslim Rashtriya Manch of which he is patron. He also questioned if those “raising Pakistani flags in the Valley and throwing stones at the armed forces during the auspicious month of Ramzaan were true Muslims?”  “Don’t you all think Deoband should issue fatwas against these stone pelters in the Valley,” Kumar said. Asking Muslims to give up beef, Kumar said, “Beef is a disease, instead they should have milk. Cow milk is good for health..it has medicinal values.” He claimed that there was no mention of any Muslim religious head eating beef in Quran and even Prophet Mohammad condemned it.  Asserting that triple talaq was not a part of Islam, he said, “This practice is an injustice to women. It should be stopped.  “I have asked many intellectual and religious heads of Islam why they want to follow the Sharia instead of what is written in the Quran, but no one has an answer. They acknowledge the opposition to triple talaq as an interference with Sharia not Quran,” Kumar claimed.  Rediff.com : 20th. June,17


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