Eid al-Fitr is commonly known in Bangladesh as ‘Romjaner Eid’ and is observed over a three-day public holiday in Bangladesh. Educational institutions, banks and corporate offices usually remain closed for almost a week during this time. Bangladeshis observe the holiday by performing the obligatory Eid prayers on the morning of Eid, hugging each other and exchanging greetings, giving alms and gifts, and visiting friends, neighbours and relatives. Popular customs also include ladies decorating one’s hands with henna, people dressing up in new clothes and having a good meal with family members, relatives and friends. The morning of Eid begins with men and woman taking a bath, wear the newest clothes and head for Eid Prayer then people exchange hugs and head home where a large banquet of food would be prepared. The most common foods during Eid is Pilau riceChicken Korma, Roast, Rezala, Kebabs, Prawn Malai curry and Chili chicken, although many other dishes are also prepared. However the most extravagant arrays of dishes are dessert which consist of RasmalaiRasgullaSandeshFirni, a popular bengali dish call Paesh, Mishti Doi (Dahi) and Faluda amongst many others. In Bangladesh family and friends visit each others houses over the course of the 3 days and 3 or 4 houses are visited a day. During the days of Eid children receive lots of money by relatives and family friends. For Bangladeshis Eid Al Fitr is the most awaited public holiday.


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