An interview with the vivacious actress Kriti Kharbanda can easily be summed up as ‘confessions of a talkaholic’.  Meeting this South siren feels like bumping into an old friend with whom you can aimlessly chat about anything under the sun. The conversation meanders into random territories and you find yourself identifying with her idiosyncrasies. The Bengaluru girl talks about living alone, being a toughie and her upcoming release, ‘Guest Iin London’.  He said,” I’m a loner and I’m most comfortable living by myself, but Bengaluru is home for me as my family is there. Having said that, once you come to Mumbai, you can’t turn your back on it. I’ve grown close to Mumbai now. For someone like me who gets bored very easily, this life is perfect. I can’t be at one place for too long. Travelling broadens your thinking as a person and as an actor. Also, I like to watch people; I go early to airports so that I can observe people. You can use that observation to your advantage when you are essaying a character. You can slip in some character traits of those people into your roles.” The Times  of  India : 28th. June,17


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