His much ambitious biopic on singer- actor Kishore Kumarhas been in the news for a long time and filmmaker Anurag Basu today said he will proceed with the film only when all the issues are resolved.  Basu, who has previously helmed ‘Barfi’, ‘Life in a… Metro‘ and ‘Gangster’, is expected to begin shooting for the biopic post the release of ‘Jagga Jasoos’.  Actor Ranbir Kapoor most likely will play the role of Kishore in the film.   When asked about the status of the biopic, Basu told, “That is one film which I am really looking forward to. But it’s quite difficult to make a biopic on Kishore Kumar. There are lots of legal things also when you’re doing a biopic. So we are going through all those things, trying to resolve. Ranbir is also looking forward to the film.” Basu, meanwhile, is busy promoting ‘Jagga Jasoos’, which is his second collaboration with Ranbir after their much-loved ‘Barfi’. “I love musicals, all adventure stories and had stacks of Tintin… It was just in the back of my mind and the childhood came out. There was no process, no method in it. When you start writing, you discover your childhood.” “But musical genre is very tough. So it was challenging and very scary. But that’s what is exciting about filmmaking,” he said. The film is scheduled to release on July 14.


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