It is very sad thaty amidst crowd and devotional fervour on Grand Road in Odisha’s pilgrim town Puri during nine-day long Rath Yatra of Lord Jagannath and his siblings, a man carried his daughter’s body on a trolley rickshaw towards Swarga Dwar for cremation as he was deprived of getting a hearse under Mahaprayan scheme launched by the state government.  The devotees were saddened to see such a pathetic scene on the Grand Road where the chariots were taken south turn for return to Jagannath temple with the deities.  According to reports, the deceased was identified as Kabi Sahoo, daughter of Dhani Sahoo of Jagannath Ballav area. Father carried his daughter on a trolley rickshaw to District Headquarters Hospital here after she complained of chest pain last night. However, the doctor declared her dead at the hospital in the wee hours today.  Without waiting for anyone, Sahoo carried his daughter’s body on the same trolley towards Swarga Dwar for cremation due to non availability of free hearse under Mahaprayan scheme. “My daughter was admitted to hospital. She was administered intravenous fluids and oxygen was also given. However, she died. I dialled 108 service and they said that it is unavailable. I didn’t wait for anyone and took the body on the trolley rickshaw,” father of the deceased Dhani Sahoo said.  Meanwhile, the district administration has ordered for a probe into the incident.  “The Mahaprayan scheme is meant for poor people who cannot afford to hire private vehicle. We will look into it where is the missing link,” Puri Sub Collector Madhusudan Das said.  The Odisha Sun Times Bureau : 2nd. July,17



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