Not the one to take unnecessary gossip lying down, Sonam Kapoor slammed media reports that claimed she is most likely to get engaged to beau Anand Ahuja by December. The actress in a series of tweets stated why it’s not right to indulge in such gossip. She tweeted, “There’s so much going on in this world but my so called personal life is what you want to cover.. #notengagedatall.”  She added, “For all the news outlets out there, who are speculating about my personal life and writing unnecessary gossip about it because they think it makes good copy. If your sources are my friends and family then be rest assured they are not really my ‘friend or family’ and if I do get married or engaged I’ll announce it on my own. So stop writing crap and stick to your real job of journalism.”  Stressing on how she found the reports sexist, she explained, “What’s scary is that most of these columnists are women. Not realising that a woman’s worth is not quantified by a ring on her finger. What’s sad is that a women’s worth is quantified through this shit.. why aren’t male heroes asked this.”  The Times  of  India : 13th. July,17


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