Due to wrong policy of our government, the cost of tomatoes has reached at Rs.80/- per kg.  The Govt. of Odisha is verymuch inactive in preserving food, fruits, vegetables etc. during its production season.    Low supply and crop loss following heavy rains in major tomato-producing states is to be blamed for the price rise in    several parts of the country including Odisha. The price of tomatoes from Rs 8 per kg last month to Rs 40 last week has now skyrocketed to Rs 80 leading to severe resentment among consumers.  Heavy rains have damaged the crops in major tomato-producing states such as Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh and Bangalore.   According to wholesalers of Chhatrabazar, the largest wholesale market of Odisha in Cuttack, the prices have increased due to a major reduction in supply from other parts of the country especially from Bengaluru.  “Earlier, four to five truck loads of tomatoes were arriving to Cuttack per day while the supply has now dropped to two trucks. As per the market trend, the prices might touch Rs 100 per kg also,” said Chhatrabazar traders association secretary Devendra Sahoo.  People on other have also blamed lack of adequate cold storage and coordination between agriculture and civil supplies department for price rise of tomatoes in Odisha.  Earlier, farmers of special parts of state including Keonjhar had dumped sacks of tomatoes over distress sale in February despite a bumper crop this year. The Odisha TV : 14th. July,17


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