Pakistan’s famous ‘Gormint Aunty’  took the internet by storm last year in the Hindi and Urdu speaking world when an interview of her launching a tirade at Pakistani authorities went viral. Netizens in India and Pakistan are now well acquainted with the golden words, “Yeh Bik Gayi hai Gormint!” (This government is a sell-out!), but Karachi resident Qamar, better known as ‘Gormint Aunty’ to her fans, may be facing social boycott in her neighbourhood.  A report by Pakistani news outlet Samaa TV said that Qamar, a resident of Karachi’s Martin Quarters, has been at the receiving end of a cold shoulder from friends, neighbours, and relatives due to her anger management issues. A Samaa TV reporter quoted ‘Gormint Aunty’s’ son in her blog post. “She hurls abuses whenever her blood pressure is high and she doesn’t even realize what she is saying. She uttered whatever came in her mind when the TV vaalay came in our area that day because she was extremely angry and her blood pressure was also high,” he told reporter Shahla Mahmood.   Qamar’s words ‘Yeh Bik Gayi hai Gormint!’ became an oft-repeated phrase on the internet after her interview went viral. A reporter asked her about power cuts in her Karachi neighbourhood, which sent Qamar into a diatribe filled with expletives. Memes, jokes and sketches, including one from Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan, flooded the internet. Manufacturers in India have even started selling T-shirts and other merchandise, some even depicting her as Revolutionary icon Che Guevara, bearing the words ‘Yeh Bik Gayi hai Gormint!’.   The News 18 : 19th. July,17



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