One in three Indians surveyed has admitted to having used free public Wi-Fi to watch adult content at places like hotels, airports, libraries and even workplace, says a study by Norton by Symantec. The global study, which included over 1,000 respondents from India, found “more than one in three Indians admit to using public Wi-Fi to watch adult content”.  But Indians are not alone in this behaviour. At a global level, one in six respondents admitted to using public Wi-Fi to watch adult content. This includes response of people from across countries like Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Brazil, the US and the UK.             Hotels/Airbnb (49 per cent), friend’s place (46 per cent), cafe/restaurants (36 per cent) and workplace (44 per cent) were among the top venues with Indian respondents saying they used the public Wi-Fi at these places to access adult content. Interestingly, 31 per cent respondents said they had watched adult content on streets using public Wi-Fi, while 34 per cent had done so at a bus/train station. About 24 per cent admitted to have used public Wi-Fi at libraries, while 34 per cent said they had used the service at an airport. It is also interesting to note that access to Wi-Fi becomes a deciding factor for a significant chunk of Indians when it comes to choosing hotels, airlines and places to eat. Such is the love for free Wi-Fi that 73 per cent respondents said “they wouldn’t think twice about exchanging, sharing or even doing something to get a strong, free signal”.  Rediff.com : 24th. July,17



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