Actress Anurita Jha, who made her debut with ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’, said the only way one can avoid getting stereotyped in Bollywood is by giving successful films. Anurita featured in the 2012 two-part drama movie by Anurag Kashyap and went on to feature in last year’s film ‘Jugni’ in which she played a Punjabi woman.  “If a film does well stereotypes are broken. Unfortunately ‘Jugni’ didn’t work otherwise whoever has seen it loved my work and thought I was a ‘Sardarni’. You can never be stereotyped if you’re successful.”
“Like Aamir Khan is never stereotyped. It’s only when people don’t see a lot of you, they remember you with your last best,” Anurita told . The actress said to break away from being typecast in the film industry one needs to deliver hit films but the frenzy around box office numbers is just saddening. “Unfortunately the parameter of a successful film is only counted by the box office numbers today. It’s sad. 80 per cent of the films we have are only star driven and not all are high on content.” “There are good films which go on to become a successful movie purely on the basis of content. I don’t base my film choices thinking I need a hit. But of course I would want my films to do well.” The actress is currently geared up for the release of her latest, ‘Baarat Company’ directed by Syed Ahmad Afzal. The Times  of   India : 23rd. July,17


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